Friday, March 21, 2014

Simple Act of Kindness: One Day

This morning as I was walking into the building at work, there was a lady a few steps behind me just make her ascent up the steps to the landing. I slid my badge and opened the door, holding it for her. 

She looked up but told me to go ahead. Something in her eyes told me she didn't want me to be bothered. Who knows what burdens she was carrying inside? But on the outside, she was slow and had a mild limp. 

But I waited. 

I'm not a super hero or this selfless person who's always aware of those around me. In fact, I'll bump into people in the hallways because I'm off in my little bubble. 

But this morning, I was aware. And in that awareness, I offered kindness to someone else. 

Sometimes, they're called random acts of kindness.  Other times, people refer to them as manners and polite decorum.  Some will even call it being human.

When we're in touch with those around us, 
a simple act can make a huge impact. 

Have you ever done something that was "nothing" for you but seemed like the world for someone else?


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