Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From my bed to the treadmill: One woman's journey to weight loss and fitness

My alarm blared, and I cursed the day I agreed to follow the Madison Stuart School of Kicking Ana's Ass in shape. Ugh, I hate her guts.

"Five more minutes," I mumbled, hoping somehow or other that would be enough to snap me out of my state of complete and utter exhaustion. I pulled the covers up and snuggled with my pillow, sighing in comfort as I dozed off into peaceful slumber.

Suddenly, the comforter flew off my body and the cold air from the vent and ceiling fan caused a terrible shiver to course through my body.  "What the hell?" I cursed in a raspy voice barely able to open my eyes sealed with sleep.

The bed dipped. "Get your lazy ass out of bed," Madison ordered in a menacing voice.

How could I argue with that?  Easily! I was tired.

I'm a single mom who works a full time job, takes care of a my son--by myself, takes care of my dog, my house, and oh yeah, I'm also a writer who has to finish a third book. Excuse me if I'm tired. Sorry to inform you Madison, I am not lazy. I'm tired. I went to bed at 2 am last night because that was when my creative juices were flowing.

As if she could read my mind, she leaned in and in a steady voice said, "I'm giving you thirty seconds before I leave." She pulled back and tucked her hair behind her ears. "I have things to do and places to be."

"More like someone to do," I said, the smart ass in me waking up. "And for the record, I hate you."

"Yes I do." She smiled as her eyes brightened. Lucky bitch. "And yes, you do. For the record, I don't care.  Is this the best you can do? Manipulate me with your approval?" She stepped toward the door. "Won't work. I really don't care if you like me, hate me, or even love me," she stated in an unaffected tone.

A slight chill radiated off of her. I wondered if she was related to Elsa from Frozen. Then again, maybe she was Elsa. That would make a lot of sense.  Let It Go.

As much as I wanted her to slither back under the rock she came out of, I needed her.  This was me the other day. Well, not literally me but pretty close if someone would've been video taping me.

Since I refuse to buy the next size up, I have to do this. Madison is going to whip my ass in shape.  Follow my journey as I go from fat to fit.... That is if Madison doesn't kill me first.


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Unknown said...

I think we all need a Madison LOL!!