Saturday, November 9, 2013

Do I need to Read The Do Over Before I Read It's Not Over?

My answer should be obvious:  YES. But I'm biased.  Of course, I want you to read The Do Over.  I want you to read it, devour it, and feel it. And let's face it, Liam Lucas is delicious, and I want to marry him.  (Shh, I know he's fiction but don't ruin it for me!)

What does It's Not Over have to do with The Do Over?  Everything and nothing.  Well, that's not true.  Everything and somethings.

You'll meet two characters in The Do Over and follow their journey in It's Not Over.  If you don't read The Do Over, you might not get some of the references nor will you fully understand their dynamics.  

As you're reading The Do Over, you might ask yourself, why on earth would I want to read It's Not Over? I hate them.  And the answer to that is:  You'll want to because you love me, and know that not everything is black and white.  You'll want to because you'll have gone through an emotional journey where maybe you want to cause me pain and because you won't give up on me because once again, you love me when you're not hating me.  

So if you're looking for a fun book to read that will make you swoon and your heart melt?  Read The Do Over.  If you're looking for a book about a second chance at love?  The Do Over.  

Warning:  The Do Over is a romance.  There will be swooning moments, sweet moments, and yes, you will read things that every woman hopes that at one moment or another they hear and feel.  It's a book about a second chance at love.  The operative word is LOVE.  

If the man who broke your heart came back into your life just when things were finally getting better...what would you do?