Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Writer's Corner: Self Publishing Is Not The Minor Leagues

I've recently published my second novel, It's Not Over.  Self-publishing made that possible for me.  If I'm honest, I didn't start writing The Do Over with the intention of publishing it. I'd been part of a writing contest in a reading group.  The participants formed a small group where we encouraged one another to complete the project we had begun.  Along the way, the dream was born. The fact that so many have read it and loved it, humbles me.

Having published has opened up a new world for me. I've had the wonderful opportunity to interact with authors, bloggers, and readers.  And within this world, I get asked questions all the time about publishing.

I have another brilliant idea.  I'm going to share in the "Writer's Corner" information, insights, wisdom, mistakes, smart choices, and the truth about self-publishing, marketing, and more.

I've attached an awesome article.  Read it and let me know what you think.


Friday, January 24, 2014

I have an idea...

I've been thinking.  That's not accurate. While I was walking down the hallway to pick something up from my dad, I had a brilliant idea. I love it when I have those Einstein moments.

Less than two (2) weeks ago, I pressed publish on my second novel, It's Not Over. I'm pretty confident that you've already read it (and The Do Over) and are beside yourself with anticipation for the third installment, Let It Go.

The next step for you is to write a review on Amazon and then on Goodreads -- you can even copy and paste the same one, I won't mind.  After you do that, because you're brimming with OMGness, you must go and tell your friends.  Right? Yes!  I completely understand. I get that way about awesome books, too.

Buy Me The Do Over                              Buy Me It's Not Over

So what was that brilliant idea that I had?  One thing that I've been hearing is that readers would like more Dani and Liam and what about Chris and Macy. And the truth is...at this moment, I'm not really sure. But, I did think of something. And I'd like to write some deleted scenes. Give you glimpses as to what's going on in their lives.  My goal is to write a post once a week giving you a little bit of your beloved characters.  I hope you'll enjoy it.  

Keep in mind, that unless I specifically post a teaser from Let It Go, the stories I share will not impact or influence Let It Go.  

What do you think?


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's Not Over...Is LIVE

It's Not Over is finally here.  You met Rick Marin and Madison Stuart in The Do Over.  If you're like most people, you didn't like Rick very much. In fact, maybe you even hated him. But, you can't deny that as the story progressed, there was something about him that made you hate the fact that your resolve was waning and you might actually not despise him so much.

So what happened after he found out she was gone?  Read It's Not Over and find out.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

2 More Days -- Unlikely couple

In less than 2 Days, It's Not Over will be live.  I'm excited and nervous (just keeping it real).  The journey through Rick and Madison's story wasn't an easy one, even though you'd think it would be. These two characters are complicated. They're stubborn, opinionated, and come with their set of baggage.  

One thing you'll learn early on is that no one thinks that these two can make it as a couple.  Maybe their best bet is to remain friends or better yet, go their separate ways.

Read It's Not Over and draw your own conclusion.  Are they a train wreck or will you root for them?

Make sure to add it to your TBR at Goodreads:  It's Not Over