Saturday, March 30, 2013

No Fooling Around in April

Time is passing by quicker and quicker each day.  I can't believe that Monday will be April Fool's Day.  I need to be on my game.  The girls at work tend to enjoy playing pranks.  One year, they moved my car to a completely different parking garage.  Another year, they called the manager and told her they weren't coming to work that day.  Every ten minutes, Michelle got another call.  That was actually pretty funny because I had to "act" livid and threaten people's jobs.  Then, they wanted me to "fire" Tashica since it was her idea.  So, I did.  Except that I told Tashica that it was a joke and to take it seriously.  The girls flipped out because Tashica grabbed her stuff and stormed out the door, followed by her friends trying to console her.  All of this with a straight face.

But none of that!  I'm not joking.  It's Saturday, and I'm at the office.  Clearly, I"m not working since I'm on FaceBook and blogging, but I should be hard at work, catching up on everything that I didn't do this week because I was networking and well thinking of my novel.

The only way I know how to enjoy today, while I'm in an office on a glorious Saturday morning, paying penance for my slacking at work is to have a giveaway.  And this one is no joke.  I'm raffling Travis Maddox.  Well, not him him.  I'm gifting an ebook of Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire, and for the record, I will cease all other reading to spend time with Travis.  I'm also gifting 2 copies of Bitter Angel by the amazing Megan Hand.  I had the privilege of reading this book in January.  Can I tell you something?  It's amazing, awesome and get ready to be blown away!  Keep your eye on Megan, you'll be seeing more of her.

Enjoy your Saturday, enter the drawing and remember, sharing is caring!

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Happy Saturday!

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