Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ride 'Em Cowboy

Happy Valentine's Day 

I'm here holding the book Destined to Change by Lisa M. Harley and am pretty stoked, let's just say about to pass out with excitement, that I will be in the presence of none other than Cowboy Cade Walker.

Megan has just advised me that Cade has arrived and is being prepped for the interview.   I need to do some breathing exercises to get ready for this. 
If you haven't entered the drawing go and do so.   I've added an ebook copy of Destined to Change as a prize. 

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Hot holy hell, he just walked in.  Instant Hot Flash.  This man is gorgeous and can I say, I've never seen anyone that big.  I mean tall.  I need a fan, icepack, something.  Wow.  I'm a professional, I can do this.

Ana:   Hi Cade, so great to have you here.  Welcome to Ana's Antics, Rants and Rambles. 

Cade:  Hey Hon.  Thanks for havin' me. [He tips his cowboy hat and winks]  

 I'm having trouble swallowing.  My mouth is dry.  I need a glass of water.

Ana:  Eh hem.  First of all, Team Cade!  How does it feel to have such a huge female following?  You even have your own Facebook fan page.  Pretty impressive

Yes he is.  My heart is beating a mile a minute. Does this happen to Katie Couric?

Cade:  What can I say, Ana...I'm loved.  **Yes, he is.  I growl internally. ** I just want to make sure everyone knows I have a fan club, that asshat Jaxon doesn't. 

This man is built like nothing I've ever seen.  I'm flustered. 

Ana:  What do you do to keep in shape? 

Cade:  I'm a real man...[I nod in agreement]  I work for a living.  I don't do any of that pansy-assed office shit.  I get my damn hands dirty.

Hmm, I have a few ideas on what he can do with those very large hands.

Ana:  The first time we meet you, you've had a couple of drinks.  Do you drink a lot and does that affect your ability to you know....

Cade:  [He leans in and places his hand on my knee.  My body is trembling under his touch]  What do you think, hon? ** My brain is mush**.  I like to drink and I like sex.  And I've sure never heard any complaints in the bedroom, or the truck, or the barn or up against the wall...get the point I'm tryin' to make? 

[I nod my head to show some life left in me. I'd been holding my breath and slowly exhale.]

Ana:  Cade, if you'll excuse me for a moment. I need to get something from the other room.  Be right back. 

I need something stronger than water.  Diet Pepsi. I need lots and lots and lots of Diet Pepsi.  Any Extra Sugar Free gum around?  I need some. 
Where's Megan. I need Megan.  Diet Pepsi.  Megan.  Where is she?  Oh wait, I think I see her.  She passed out.  Wow, that man is intense.

Breathe in, Breathe out.  I'm a professional.  I'm a professional.

Ana:  Let's talk about Lorelai.  Why her?  And not me.

Cade:  I gotta be honest...the first time I saw her I knew I had to have her.  She looked like a damn angel, just waiting for a devil like me.  [He sits back in his chair and has a big belly laugh]   Sigh, I'm going to come undone.  Once I got to know her and saw the way she felt about her farm and family, I fell hard...damn hard. 

Farm life is getting more and more attractive by the millisecond.

Ana:  So Cade, tell me would you let anyone stand in the way of you and your woman? Like maybe, an inked up, pierced hottie?

Cade:  Now, Ana...I like ya, even feel we've gotten pretty close today.  [He winks.  I melt].  So, I'm gonna say this one time, I do not want to talk about asshat. 

Close?  Hmm.  I can work with that. 

Ana:  Cade, darling.  I'm going to have to ask some hard questions about that asshat.  I know you'd rather not talk about him.  But the readers want to know a little more about how you feel.  So for me, please babe.
Under different circumstances, do you think that you and Jaxon might have been friends?

Cade:  Hell no.  I make it a point to not befriend pansy ass bastards.

Ana:  What do you think of the Team Jaxon groupies?

Cade:  To each his own, hon.  If they want to fall at that asshat's feet, more power to 'em.  [His deep southern drawl drops a few decibels].  At least you, and all of Cade's Cuties, know what a real man looks like when ya'll see him. 

Damn straight we do. 

Ana:  Are you romantic?  Tell me, what would a date with the handsome Cade Walker look like?

Cade:  Me romantic?  Of course I am, hon.  Wouldn't you like for me to show you what a date with me would be like?  Wouldn't that be more fun?  Maybe after we finish this interview? 

Ana:  Why Cade, I'd love nothing more than you showing me what it would be like.  I think we can wrap up these questions quickly. 
I'm hyperventilating.  Air. Where's the air this room?

Rapid Fire Questions:

Family Man or confirmed bachelor:  Both, next question

Boxer or Briefs:  Tightie-whities.  Gotta keep "cowboy" comfortable

Wranglers or Levis:  That ain't even a question, hon.  I don't leave the house without my W's

Blondes or Brunettes:  Blondes, brunettes, redheads, makes no difference to me, hon.  But right now, I kinda got a think for blondes. 

I'm making sure I get my highlights done this weekend.

Final Question:

Ana:  Before we wrap it up, if there's one thing you want people to know about you, what would it be? 

Cade:  I'm really just a good ole country boy.  I like to drink, I like to ride horses, and I like to have a warm woman woman in my bed...nothin' wrong with any of that.

Well there you have it.  My interview with handsome Cade Walker.  I need to go freshen up.  I'll be saving a horse tonight. 

If you haven't read it, Destined to Change, by Lisa M. Harley, went live yesterday on and Smashwords. 

Destined to Change


Megan Hand said...

Crazy audience girl: *Jumps obnoxiously* HERE! HERE! I have a question! MEMEME!!!

Cade: *raises an eyebrow at her, leaning an elbow on his knee*

Crazy audience girl:(Holy hum, this guy has arms and legs and *she tilts her head sideways* and, um) *clears her throat* Yes, um, I was wondering *gulps* what's your favorite horses name?

Cade: *Looks at her, answers*

Crazy audience girl: Thanks! *Sits back in her seat, red-faced, sighs and stares off into dreamland* (I'm buying me a horse tomorrow and naming him Cade and then he's gonna find a girl horse and they're gonna make babies and their momma and daddy will kiss alot...)

LisaMHarley said...

OMFG! I love ya'll!

Unknown said...

Ahem... Excuse me CADE & Ana.... There are NO Jaxon groupies.... BECAUSE HE'S MINE!!! He has no "Facebook group" BECAUSE HE'S MINE!!! He's not an asshat either Cade....! (But since y'all don't meld, and he calls you "that fucking cowboy" I guess I'll let the asshat name slide for now Cade.

That is all.

LisaMHarley said...

Breathe SBD...just breathe.

Unknown said...

.....deep breath out.....