Saturday, February 9, 2013

Look Who Decided to Blog...Again

I’m back...

I missed blogging. After all, I’m a little narcissistic and believe -- even though I’d deny it -- the world revolves around me and everyone wants to know what’s happening in my life. Come on, my life is exciting, thrilling and the thing reality TV shows are made of. Do I really believe all of that? Not really, not all of it anyway.

For those who are new to my blogging, you might quickly learn that I’m a tad bit sarcastic and prone to exaggeration. So I’ve been told by those close to me.

Let’s cut to the chase. What are you going to find in this blog and why on earth would you want to follow it? That question really doesn’t need to be answered. I know, I’m loved. Okay, insecurity is choking that thought.

I’m a reader, writer, and single mom -- with a demanding full time job. Try doing that on a daily basis and tell me that Bravo shouldn’t be knocking on my door offering me a reality TV show series.

Guilt. That’s what I feel for not saying I’m a single mom first. Mommy guilt. Sigh... I’m going to go hug my son, spend some time with him while I get my nails done and hair blown out and he plays on the tablet. I just lost the Mommy of the Year award. Hangs her head in shame.

I’m a little nervous about this being my first blog post in years.  Can't you tell?  I'm all over the place.   

Thought provoking question of the day: Why do I have a pair of skinny jeans in my closet?

What am I reading: The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. Shura. That’s it. No need for any other words. I fell in love at 7%. “Shura, Shura, Shura.” My heart melted. Read it.

What am I writing: Ah, want to find out? Once I get 100 likes on my facebook fan page -- yes, I’m going there -- I’ll let you know. But to bribe you, I mean motivate you, I’ll be raffling a $10 Amazon gift card and 3 ebooks: The Bronze Horseman, by Paullina Simons,  There is No Light In Darkness, by Claire Contreras, and   Happenstance, by MJ Abrahams.

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I have a couple of interviews lined up for the next couple of blog posts. So stayed tuned. They should be a lot of fun.

See you soon! And thanks for stopping by.



Anonymous said...

It's a great first blog post! No need to be nervous!

Megan Hand said...

Narcissistic? All about you? Lisa, how did you hack into Ana's blog??

A.L. Zaun said...

I know, right? Lisa's a sneaking thing. =)

Unknown said...

Congrats! But stop stealing my name!!! ;-) See ya soon!

A.L. Zaun said...

The name is CLOSE. You're the Attic. I'm the Antics. =) I'm excited about Orlando! Total and Complete fangirl experience.