Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dreamer, Writer, and Hopeless Romantic: I'm my own version of Carrie Bradshaw or not

Every night before I go to bed, the theme of Sex in the City plays in my head--for real.

My life doesn't resemble Carrie Bradshaw’s at all. Okay so I'm single, and Carrie was single. 

 But we look nothing alike. 

 Well, maybe a teeny, tiny, bit, if I was maybe fifty pounds lighter and had blue eyes. 

But...I don’t live in New York City in an awesome apartment. I live in Miami in a house. It's a nice house, so I'm not complaining. Just stating the obvious.

 I also don’t have her killer shoes, although I do have a nice collection of shoes in my closet.

I don’t have three awesome friends who offer me advice, support, and encouragement when I need it, ask for it, or when they just want to dish it out. 

No, I’m not the uni bomber or antisocial. I just don’t have THOSE friends. 

 Nor do I have Carrie’s men. 

Nope, no Mr. Big with me. (They make such a cute couple, don't they?)

 Nor have I had an Aiden. And boy was Aiden just amazing, perfect, and so swoony. 

I loved Aiden. He might not have been perfect for Carrie, but he certainly was perfect for me.

I think it's time Ana got her groove back.


And then there was Berger… 

Maybe I bonded with Carrie over horrible ways of getting “dumped”. 

Berger used a post-it note. A post-it. Me…I had a text message. Text Message. At least have the decency... 

Well, that’s a post for another time. 

Now that we've established that I’m nothing like Carrie Bradshaw. Well maybe just maybe in a very skinny future or past, I might have possibly looked a teeny tiny bit like her from a very far distance...or not.

No one can argue that we both share crappy break up stories. Other than that, we’re nothing alike. 

So back to what I was saying. I can get so easily distracted. Darn these tangents.

Every night before I go to bed, I hear the theme of Sex in The City play in my head (Doesn't everyone?)


The images of the day run through my mind, and I check-off all the major events.  
  • Got Alberto to school late...check
  • Forgot to brush my hair...check
  • Plot chapter while driving...check
  • Went to the office...check
  • Caught up with all my friends on FaceBook...check
  • Vowed to jump on the treadmill...check
  • Actually in progress
  • Made sure to feed Samson and let him out...check
  • Spend some time writing and reading....check
  • Blessed to be a mom...check

Then, I vow to make tomorrow better, and swear to myself that we won't be late again.

I may not be Carrie Bradshaw, but I'm me. 

I’m a dreamer, a writer, and a hopeless romantic that believes in her happily ever after. Hmm, maybe Carrie and I have more in common than I thought.



Unknown said...

I think you're prettier than Carrie Bradshaw. You inspire me to be a better writer. Carrie was vapid and insipid. Two qualities that you will never have.

A.L. Zaun said...

You always say the nicest things. =) Hmmm, I've had my share of insipid and vapid moments and experiences. Hey, it's life and makes for interesting stories.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your post! I'm a big SitC fan, Carrie fan & Ana fan. :)

A.L. Zaun said...

Thank you, Sheri! <3 <3