Saturday, June 22, 2013

Writing...It's Not Over is far from being Over Chapters 1-4

I sent the first three chapters to my beta readers last week. I was beyond thrilled with their feedback. Now, don't think that being thrilled at feedback means that they thought I should win a Pulitzer Prize or anything like that. It just means that they're holding me to a high standard and being so damn picky. Between me and you, they also LOVED it. So, thumbs up. I'm so excited to be writing the story of the two most hated characters from The Do Over.  

It's Not Over picks up right after the "confrontation" in The Do Over.

I'm excited!  They're complex, complicated, and royal pains in the asses.  Will Madison be the woman who can bring Rick to his knees, and will Rick be the man who'll be able to break down the walls around Madison's heart?

I was listening to the radio and Aerosmith's Cryin' was playing.  I find it quite apropo for this part of stage of the story.

Happy Reading.  If you haven't read The Do Over, what are you waiting for?


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